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Morning Exercise

Lulu Fidler


Born and brought up in a small village in Norfolk watching her father paint copies of great artists like Van Gogh, her interest in art was nurtured by him. Constantly encouraging discussions on the merits of modern art versus the old masters, he would never be without his camera to capture his children, dogs and other interesting subjects, which he then commited to canvas. She started seriously painting when she arrived in Masham spilling out of her old mini traveller with two children and an old English Sheepdog in tow. She would cart them around the county to craft fairs and pick up commissions to paint peoples pets. Moving to Middleham, the race horse capitol of the area, she started haunting the gallops to capture images of the early morning exercise routines. Doing this, she spent many hours perfecting her understanding of water colour and creating the movement of the horse.


Over the years she has done a variety of jobs, such as a horse groomer, painting in the Tea Pot factory in Leyburn, shop work, building lodges at Natural Retreats and starting her own 'Lulu's Odd Jobz' business. Along side this, she has played guitar, written songs as well as playing bass in a country band that took her to America. Taking a 7 month break, travelling to New Zealand, she finally came home and was in a position to take up her painting seriously again. Lulu now runs the Showcase Gallery alongside her daughter, Kelly.

Easby Snow

Kelly Fidler


Kelly's love of art began from a young age. 'My mother was an artist and I grew up watching her paint, wishing that I could paint like her. We used to go to all the craft fairs that she was exhibiting at and I would spend most of my time admiring the various works of art for sale. Whilst my brother would always get bored, I would always find something to keep me amused during the time that we were there.'


After leaving school having completed her A Levels, Kelly progressed to graduate from De Montfort University, Leicester, in June 2004 with a 2:1 BA (Hons) Degree in Finance and Human Resource Management. Following this, she worked in a number of positions and after developing her financial skills she moved on to self-employment, providing Book-keeping and office support/management services to businesses within Richmondshire. However she always maintained a strong interest in art and photography. In 2007 she purchased her first Digital SLR camera and has since been teaching herself the skills to develop her photography further. As a keen amateur photographer, Kelly likes to spend her spare time searching for locations or subjects to take stunning photographs.

Balmy Evening Towards Penhill

Piers Browne


Made Painter of North England in the prestigious ING Discerning Eye show in London, 2011, and 'PAINTER OF THE NORTH' in the 2012 GNAS, and regularly showing at the RA Summer Exhibition. Here, in the Showcase Gallery, he shows some well wrought etchings of Wensleydale and beyond, as well as a collection of original oils.


Piers Browne is intensely motivated  by light, be it scudding across hillsides or across sea or just glinting through shade in the wood. Through etching he often expresses best the intensity of his witnessed landscape vision, and he is inspired by the beauty of dawns and dusks, hawthorn blossom, panoramas, the amazingly graceful, silvery light of this Dale, the mere seasons differences and hayfield colours. Half his psyche is to let rip, capturing sweeps of panoramic sky and all shadows over land or sea, while the other half is scientifically led, to tackle and understand minutest detail; and when both combine with a 'lift' of some focus or theme then the picture really 'works'.



Anthony Cox


Originally from the Sotuh of England, Anthony moved to the North East in the late sixties. His love of art began at a very early age, and in the mid sixties, he was greatly inspired by the Welsh/Canadian painter, Llewellyn Petley-Jones. Whilst inder his tutorship he learnt to paint in watercolour and has since developed his pictorial work further in oil and pastel. Whilst at teacher training college in the early seventies, he took main course art and specialised in sculpture and ceramics. Having been obliged to produce only pure abstract work whilst there, he now concentrates on representational and stylised figurative work.


All his work is modelled in 'Guisborough Clay', dug from the garden and fired in a kiln before a mould is taken from each original. Limited editions are then cold cast in a variety of finishes. Anthony has paintings and sculptures in many private collections in the UK and also Spain, Sweden, Australia and the US.

Richmond Market Day

Geoff Lockey


Geoff Lockey works from a studio in his home overlooking open farmland where he has lived since 1990. His interest in art began as a child and he went on to study art locally before beginning to paint full-time in 1987. Having lived in various parts of the country, Geoff has had the opportunity to paint a wide variety of subjects, ranging from the rugged Cumbrian fells to the huge skies of East Anglia, as well as the picturesque coastline of both North East and North West England.


He works in water colour, in a bright, bold style to create depth and drama to his work. His bustling personal depictions of small towns, villages and coasts have a certain vibrance which reflections on the location he has painted.

Swaledale Ram

Christina Simpson


She loves to use the technique of blending paint and timber, the abstract and the landscape, and enjoys nothing more than when the creative process takes off at a tangent to the original idea.


Born near Whitby, I have always been influenced by the coast and hills of Yorkshire. A carpenter for many years, she likes to draw together both reclaimed and drift timbers, as well as anything else that catches my eye to create individual pieces of work. Christine's work can be seen in various galleries in Yorkshire, including our gallery, The Arts Bank in Saltburn and with The Pop Up Gallery at various venues.



Stoneware Ceramics

Andy Kerr


Initially he specialised in throwing pots on the wheel, but was later drawn towards hand building slab pots in rich textured clays. Once constructed, Andy either hand cuts images, both realistic and imaginary, into the surface, or applies decorative panels. Finally an earthy look is achieved by firing on an iron oxide finish. Some of these pots are intended as free standing sculptures, whilst others are made into lamp bases, where tonal qualities can be enhanced by the light. As an alternative, Andy enjoys the theurapeutic quality of throwing pots on the wheel. Again, each bowl may have a thematic design, but will be individual. Some pots are plain and classical whilst others have incised decorative designs cut into the slip.


Andy taught art for 45 years at schools in and surrounding Richmond. Whilst working at Barnard Castle school, which was amply supplied with pottery equipment, an early interest in ceramics was rekindled.

Laura Turner


Laura Turner began experimenting with jewellery in 2004, but has only reached the point where she feels it is time to share her designs in the last few years. Each piece she creates is unique, though some are created as parts of matching sets. All use real gemstones or pearls and all metal works is sterling silver.


Before becoming interested in jewellery design, Laura studied Early Music at a leading Conservatoire. She first moved to Richmond in 1998 and lives within walking distance of The Showcase Gallery. Her other interests include dogs and horses.


Stef Ottevanger


Stef has made illustrations and sculptures of animals since childhood. She has worked in various mediums including charcoal, oils, watercolour, ink, clay plaster and resin. After a fine arts course at Harrogate College of Art and a teaching career, she picked up her earlier interest and started making clay sculptures of domestic animals in the early 1980’s.


Stef lives and works in the Yorkshire Dales; her work is inspired and influenced by the farm animals and wildlife of the area. Each piece is originated in clay and replicated in bronzed resin which retains the tactile nature of the original sculpture.


'In my work I have tried to get the essence of the animal subject, in particular its character, typical movement and stance.  In some cases it is just catching that fleeting moment and clay is an ideal medium to do this in that it helps me to avoid over-refining the image. I don’t want my work to be a scale model or an ornament but more of an impression of the animal. This piece is cast in bronzed resin which is an ideal material for reproducing sculpture to ensure its permanency.'

Highland Cow

Nolon Stacey


Nolon Stacey is a self-taught pencil artist specialising in drawings of British wildlife, rural scenery, and farm animals. Having never had any formal art training, Nolon acquired the methods he uses through years of trial and error. Each drawing can take anywhere from 50 to 100 hours to complete. Whilst growing up in South Yorkshire, Nolon began drawing as a child and continued his passion throughout schooling. He took a different turn, gaining a degree in Mathematics from The University of Warwick, but soon returned to his passion of drawing and began specialising in portraits of people and animals. 


Despite drawing all his life, Nolon has spent the last 10 years developing the skills to be able to present to people his unique style.  His approach is to achieve detailed realism while giving life to his subjects. Without the use of colour, working solely with a pencil forces you to concentrate on the tone, the texture and the contrast of a piece, making it a deceptively complicated discipline.


In 2007, Nolon released his first book 'Drawing Made Easy: Dogs and Puppies' through Walter Foster Publishing, and has since released three drawing tutorial books, including 'The Art of Drawing Animals', a collaborative collector's book with artists from the UK, USA and Australia.  


Nolon currently lives in the Yorkshire Dales and gains inspiration from the picturesque surroundings and varied wildlife. Working as a full-time pencil artist, Nolon self-publishes and sells prints internationally of his British wildlife collection, extensive dog breed range, and rural scenery work.

Midnight Over Richmond

Philip Stuttard


Philip is an artist constantly exploring and evolving. His observations of life around him and his individual view of the world can be seen in the comical often quirky depictions of his hares, dogs, sheep and the recent Yorkshire bog hopper sculptures which are made of tin cans or papier mache and then painted.  Recycling is what he calls it and bringing a smile to the faces of people that buy one of his pieces of art is one of his aims.  Showing the funnier side to life, his paintings of the factory, mine and mill workers suggest the harshness of life adding a humour that conveys the stoical way these men lived their lives.


His work appeals to adults and children alike and brightens the world we live in and some of his work depicts not just the ridiculousness of animal behaviour but of our behaviour aswell.  And laughing at life is what, at times, we need to be able to do.

Early Morning Swaledale

Colin Cook



Vintage Serenade

Lisa House


Alnmouth Beach I

John Crewe



Richmond Sunrise

Guy Carpenter


Pretty Please

George Lloyd


Cause I Love You

Stacey Moore


Lakeland Thaw

Paul Morgan-Clarke


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